Monday, January 18, 2010

Quilters gathering

Got to together with my mother, and some online quilting friends the weekend before last.

I was unwell and busy with the three kiddlies, but it was great to put personalities to faces.

We swapped ATCs - I gave the 'golden dots' from an earlier blog.

Here they are:
Top row: Left; from Linda. Right; 'Sunset at Ceduna, SA' by Fran.

Bottom row: Left: from Marian (mum). Right; 'L'oeuf' by Kathryn.

I am chuffed with them all.


  1. love the atcs all. glad you had fun together.

  2. It was lovely meeting you and the others, Chloe. And I thought your kiddlies were very well behaved - my boys would have trashed the place after 15 minutes...
    Best wishes from Brissy!