Saturday, July 10, 2010

Going for the sympathy vote

I live in rural Victoria, on a broad acre farm. So, no town water (or pressure).

Basically, we collect our rain water, and then it is pumped up into another tank where it is gravity fed into the house.

Yesterday, we had lashings of rain (yeah, good for the crops), and very high wind (up to 100kmph), and our high water tank fell over into our house. (Nobody or children in the vicinity at the time, so no people damage.)

And, of course, at the end of that passage where all the water came through the roof is my sewing area. My second machine is water logged, my light box that I was showing off is drenched. I am lucky it is winter and I had moved my Horn with my main machine into the living room for the warmth. In the warmer months, it would have been in this space also.

Materials, and patterns, and magazines, and craft books, and some of my AWAQ quilts are wet or ruined. But, not too bad considering what could have happened.

But, don't feel too sorry for me, this is the paddock beside my house where we can watch and listen to our lambs fattening up for market. All is good! (Well, now the panic has subsided). And, that is not a black sheep but an alpaca looking after the flock.


  1. Oh Chloe, that must have been a frightening thing to happen! Glad to hear no one is injured, but very sorry about your quilts, and books and magazines... :-( It never rains but it pours here in Oz, doesn't it! Big hug from Brisbane!

  2. Oy, how awful. I too am glad no one was hurt. However, the loss of your precious things is sad at least. Survivable, but sad none the less so I am sorry for these losses. I hope the machine and light box will be okay once dried out. And will you have a good water source right away?

  3. Thanks for your thoughts. We are waterless now for 2 days with a huge mess to clean up and 3 children 5 and under, but we can get some from the outside water tank and heat it up on the stove or kettle for little jobs. Hopefully, today we will have water, plumber and electrician expected. A change in system - don't think I could live comfortably under a high tank again.

  4. How terrible Chloe nothing worse than water damage although some things can be washed and dried. Hopefully your insurance will cover you and you can get repairs, new tank machine and replace some books.

  5. Thanks Fran, most of the mess is cleaned up now, thanks to insurance. The builders should be back this week to finish off and then I can have my house back, and most importantly my sewing space.