Thursday, December 30, 2010

Me in Pink and Purple

Today is the reveal day for the latest challenge from the Art Quilts Around the World net group.

Here is the link.

I am happy with mine. My execution is never quite as good as the ideas I have, but I am getting there.


  1. Just seeing this know I think I did not see the eyes and mouth before now. Wonder if the photo on the ATWQuilt blog is the same or if my eyes failed me. I have to go back there to look again. I think your execution is fine!
    Got a laugh at your remark about my being six weeks early. At least it's not 11 weeks early!!! I did get A LOT done on it yesterday!!!!

  2. PS I must have been remembering the first hint photo! As I see I was first to comment on the finished piece with eyes and mouth in tact. Oh I am getting old lets face it! LOL