Saturday, June 25, 2011

Animal Kingdom

I found this art quilt theme a challenge.

I have had the concept in my head since discussing the theme with Mum before she announced it, but to put it in fabric?

My sneak peak is the centre, and the corners, and I just have to put together the surrounds.

I want to portray the destruction of the animal kingdom's natural habitat, so there is lots of grey, and black.

And then represent the heirarchy of the animal kingdom by way of a triangle in the brilliant colours of my local parrot species. We are privileged enough to live with a thriving parrot population, with many species.

It is going to be abstract, but I am also hoping it will be attractive, and am looking to illustrate some skill in my quilting. Straight lines as very straight and the like.

And like the previous challenge, really want to ensure that it is finished off well, and not rushed.

So far so good.

1 comment:

  1. Titilated! Boy, you really embrace a challenge! I did such a straight forward piece this time.
    ;-) See ya at the other blog in a few!