Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Jane's quilt.

The other traditional quilt I am working on is a Jane Austen - like quilt.

In pansies, of course.

Mum bought me the pattern and templates years ago  and finally, it is on its way.


  1. Very feminine and very very pretty. Can't wait to see it big. Is this a large bed sized quilt then?

  2. I had to try seven time before I go the word verification right. I sure wish people would take these off their blogs. You can check for span in the blogger spam box. Not getting much on my blog without the word verification. Makes it frustrating trying to get in and leave a comment.

  3. Can't wait to see it is on my to do list, just as soon as I finish Dear Jane.
    I'm with you Lynn, never can get those stupid word verifications right.

  4. Yes, a big quilt, 90 x 90. I didn't know you can remove the word verification thingy, if I am logged in it doesn't ask me for one!